The American River, “Jewel of Northern California”

The American River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the United States. It consists of 3 different forks, the South Fork, the Middle Fork and the North Fork. The North Fork and Middle Fork originate near each other in the Sierra Nevada by Granite Chief, close to Squaw Valley Ski Resort (Placer County). From there they take off on a wild and spectacular run through remote wilderness and steep terrain before finally forming a confluence between the towns of Cool and Auburn, California, surrounded by imposing 800 foot canyon walls. The South Fork originates at Echo Summit in El Dorado County. From there it journeys down through Coloma and joins its sisters at Folsom Lake. After exiting Folsom it runs into the Sacramento River and on to the ocean.

“Wild River” was the appropriate name initially bestowed upon the North Fork by trapper Jedediah Smith. Later, during the Mexican rule before 1846 it was called “Rio de los Americanos”. In 1978, the North Fork was granted “Wild and Scenic” status, helping to preserve this natural wonder. Because it is a free flowing river, the spring flows are determined by the winter snow pack.

As California’s favorite whitewater river, it is loved by kayakers, gold panners, swimmers, hikers, mountain bikers, bridge photographers and many others. Wildlife love the river as well; it is home to Spotted Owls, eagles, Black Bears, falcons, deer, mountain lions and coyotes as well as many different snakes, including the infamous rattler.

Many of our listed homes are only an enjoyable five-minute drive to the American River. To search for available homes, please check our current listings.

Auburn Lake Trails ~ Equestrian Haven

Auburn Lake Trails was established in 1972.  There are 1106 lots with roughly 1000 of these developed with custom homes and horse set-ups.  The lots range in size from ¼ acre to 16 acres, with the entire northern and eastern perimeters backing to the Auburn State Recreation Area.  Thirty five miles of equestrian and hiking/jogging trails meander through the 3500 acre development.  The Robie Trail can be reached from several locations inside Auburn Lake Trails as well as the very popular American Canyon Trail across from the 3rd entrance near Greenwood.  There are 2 uncovered arenas; one which is lit.  Homeowners have the option of keeping their horse(s) on their own property as long as it meets certain criteria, or boarding at the “Barn” near the Main Entrance.  The Barn offers 7 stalls with paddocks and 12 pastures upgraded with newer, quality shelters.